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Growth & history

2020 – … : Employee Journey & Datamining

One of the most important elements for IPG’s success is our positive employees. That is why IPG invests considerably in ensuring that the Employee Journey & Experience is a seamless one. In addition, IPG focuses strongly on creating Added Value by using data and technology in a smart and innovative way. This enables IPG to further contribute to the realisation of the TCO objectives of its partners.

2015 – 2019 : Operational Excellence & Innovation

In today’s economy, there is a strong focus both on further increasing efficiency and on strengthening ties with customers. Consumers use more intensive new channels and new systems to contact companies, and clients expect increasingly strong expertise in their field. Our clients’ products, services and business models are also becoming ever more complex, and the labour market is far from stationary. In this context, IPG will explicitly play a leading role.

2013 – 2014: Acquisition, Expansion & Integration

2013 will be remembered for several notable acquisitions. BizXsell, a small-scale contact centre in Drongen (Ghent), set the ball rolling. Several months later, the acquisition of SNT Belgium followed, making IPG Belgium’s largest contact centre. The Dutch company IPG BV added Call Center Benelux to its portfolio. Since the last quarter, ‘IPG’ has been chosen as a brand and brand name for the entire IPG Group. In 2014, with the acquisition of a subsidiary of the French Call Expert and the group Affaire de Contacts, IPG enters the French market, with offices in Roubaix, Chartres, Vendôme and Paris. After the acquisition of SNT Belgium at the end of 2013, IPG resolutely opted for integration. This process will be completed by the end of 2014. Every synergy is an opportunity!

2010 – 2012: Go Excellent & Go Forward – Rabat

In 2010, IP Globalnet became the IPG Group. In December, IPG Group took over Go Excellent, a Dutch outsourcing company, as well as its site in Belgium. The onsite offer was extended and consolidated through this acquisition, the IPG Group also made its appearance in the ICT sector, and internationalisation got underway. At the end of 2012, IPG opened a site in Rabat (Morocco), driving internationalism forward at a steady pace.

2000 – 2008: from Teleserv to Directel

Between 2000 and 2008, IP Globalnet grew through acquisition of smaller, related companies. In 2000, Teleserv joined, followed by Paratel a year later; then Eurocall joined IP Globalnet in 2003, with Directel completing the list in 2004.

1999: establishment of IP Globalnet

In 1999, IP Globalnet was set up, and consisted of two divisions: IP Globalnet Solutions and IP Global Care & Contact Centers. Within Global Solutions, software development was carried out on one side (diallers, telephone switchboard), and PC support (via the help desk or on site) on the other. The Global Care & Contact Centers section speaks for itself.