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Customer Care


You want an optimal organization of your after sales service? We have the necessary experience and knowledge to manage your technical calls. Our advisors handle inbound calls, assist your customers on the phone, refer them if necessary to a shop or arrange an appointment with a technician.

Customer Care

Your customers might still have questions after the purchase of your products or after closing a contract for a certain service. They do not understand the invoice, they want to report a change of address or they want to benefit from a promotional offer. Our advisors listen to your customers, assist them and make sure that the necessary changes are executed in the respective customer file so that your database is always up-to-date.


You want to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help out your customers when the product they bought gets out of order? We make sure that your customers get the help they need. Our advisors will call technicians according to a cascade system, and see to it that a technician goes on site to have a closer look and solve the problem.

Win back Customers

You want to win back former customers? You have an interesting offer that might convince them to become a new client again? We will call the entire list of former customers and try to win them back.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement a company can wish for. We assess the general customer satisfaction with regard to your product or service. Our advisors contact your customers and ask them a number of questions. An evaluation will be drawn up on the basis of the answers they received. This assessment will offer you a better insight in the satisfaction level perceived by your present customers. Besides this, you will also receive a general overview with extra feedback which might be useful when determining your future company strategy.

Debt Collection

Your customers do not pay in time or even not at all? We will call them on behalf of IPG to remind them to settle the payment (including possible interests). We are entitled to execute such collection services.

Welcome & Nursing Calls

You want to welcome your new customers in a personal way? Or you want to make sure that your client has received your product? Our advisors will call them personally to welcome them again, to thank them for their confidence or to check if they have actually received your shipment.

Claims Processing

Some of your customers have called you several times with a specific, recurring problem? You fear that these customers might switch to one of your competitors? We will perform proactive retention and call them to ask if their problem has actually been solved.


Some of your customers have communicated their intention to end their relationship with your company? You want to perform extra efforts to convince them to stay? Our advisors will present them a once in a lifetime opportunity that is so unique they will be convinced to stay.

Appointment Setting

Your sales people need to be on the road, not on the phone. We will make appointments for them with the decision makers of your market segment. A team of qualified advisors will contact your prospects and schedule appointments. Of course, your prospects will be thoroughly screened and an appointment will only be made with the people who are really interested. Finally, you receive a daily report so you will be able to follow-up the appointments that have been scheduled.

Taking orders and follow-up

Your product is not easily available on the standard market? You want to focus on exclusivity? We make sure that your present and new customers can easily order your products by phone, through your website, via email… In addition, we ensure the order follow-up so your customers remain satisfied and new customers are pleasantly surprised by the impeccable service you are offering.

Crisis management support

An airplane crash on the premises of your company or a derailed train causing toxic contamination of the neighbouring area: it can also happen to you! You want to anticipate such incidents and offer your customers the best possible service even in times of disaster? You can count on IPG to assist you in this matter. We will check together with you how our contact center services can complement and support your crisis management in the most optimal way.

Call-back of products

One of your products needs to be removed from the shelves? Your buyers and end-customers have to be informed about this situation and you need to be available at all times to provide additional information? We will take charge of the situation in only a few hours’ time and make sure that the damage remains limited. Your guarantee? Satisfied customers who will not question the quality of your product.