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IPG Belgium: Change of address


01.09.2020 – We have changed the address of the registered offices of several entities in Belgium to a new address. We emphasize that this in no way effects the location of our operational activities in Belgium or other countries.

The address of the registered offices of the following entities in Belgium:

– IPG Contact Solutions
– IPG Holding NV
– IPG IT Solutions
– Go Forward Belgium BVBA
– Koramic2Engage

changed on 01.09.2020 to Woluwelaan 158, 1831 Diegem.

As a client or supplier we kindly ask you to take the necessary actions regarding communication, invoicing or other processes to one of these entities.

Thanks in advance!


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About IPG

IPG, part of the Koramic Investment Group, is a European call center group with subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands and Morocco. 3.000 staff members guarantee a professional handling of all your customer contacts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Belgium, IPG owns the largest call center, with over eighteen years of experience.

Therefore, we can rightfully call ourselves expert in customer interaction management. We are your business partner by excellence to manage and optimise the most important pillar of your business. We are well aware that your customers are the driving force of your business and precisely because of that reason we want to offer them an optimal customer experience.

With the rise of the social media and unlimited access to the Internet, your customer service has become more than ever the touchstone of your marketing and sales departments. Your corporate image depends on what is told about your organization, your products and your services.

Our people are qualified to confirm your brand identity or lead your existing and future customers into the direction of your products and services.

Finally, new acquisitions, further internationalization and a continuous focus on innovation enable us to look to the future with great confidence.