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To be able to deliver you a qualitative superior service, we use reliable and high-tech infrastructure.

Multi Channel Contact Centre platform

IPG’s technological choices are always based on a combination of:

  • Maximal business functionality
  • Reliability and stability
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility

Our telephone infrastructure is distributed over the different locations. This working method allows us to keep the impact of possible calamities to a minimum. Each location is individually connected with the central data centre in Brussels via a redundant link across the network of two different telecom providers, Belgacom and Telenet. In the rare case that both networks should break down simultaneously, the telephone systems automatically switch over to an independent system so that the service remains always guaranteed.

Our platform is state of the art because:

  • It is based on VoIP and SIP
  • It includes voice in- and outbound blending
  • It is equipped with advanced skill-based routing allowing real-time follow-up of queues and performances
  • It allows multi-channel routing
  • It includes predictive dialler management for qualitative and complex outbound campaigns
  • It is equipped with a state-of-the-art IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform for basic call prompting (menu choices) & a call back engine.


Business Tools


The optimisation of our business processes is essential to offer our customers an optimal service. IPG uses two business tools managed by experts which are key in our operation process:

  • Workforce Management System

For the planning of our people’s activities, IPG uses one of the best platforms available on the market. We are even recognized as preferred partner by the software supplier for our contribution to improve and develop the functionalities of this tool.

Our Workforce Management System is a superior tool for several reasons:

  • It is equipped with an advanced and performant multi-media, multi-skilled, multi-site planning engine
  • It allows online consultation through a secured access via web interface, based on roles
  • It offers a real-time reporting reflecting the present situation versus the predicted situation


Quality Monitoring Tool

This unique platform enables IPG to monitor the quality of its interventions by managing simultaneously the screen recordings (changes on the screen) and the voice recordings (recording of the communication). As such, the quality control knows exactly what happened on the advisor’s screen during the conversation. This method enables us to focus the coaching and training on qualitative and efficient call handling.


As a challenger, we always make last minute decisions. From the first day, IPG helps us with smart and innovative solutions

Daan Hamoen, COO en Co-Founder Fiber Nederland