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Team members

You have specific requirements with regard to the advisors’ profiles who will be assigned to your project? Tell us! On the basis of a thorough briefing, we will identify – if needed in cooperation with our in-house partners –  the profiles that match your criteria and will be the most qualified to turn your project into a success.

Generally, we start with weekly-based temporary contracts. After a previously determined period of time, the advisors in question are offered an open-ended employment contract.

After a first intake interview, the applicants are submitted to one (or more) tests. Based upon the results, it is decided whether or not the candidates are suitable for your project.

The advisors who passed the test receive a thorough call handling and product training. The latter will be provided by the customer and will also be attended by an IPG trainer or Team Coach (train-the-trainer). In case of large projects, you will be assigned a dedicated trainer.


Managed Insourcing Solutions

In the present economical context, Managed Insourcing Solutions are indispensable. This operational model offers the chance to smoothly adjust the course, to offer you as a customer extra flexibility for a favourable price. On top of that, thanks to our solutions, you have access to specific “skill-sets”, advisors and team coaches who are motivated and trained.

MIS contains two different activities:


MIS assists people (individually) to reinforce the in-house service of a customer (mainly “Sales”, “Sales support” & Marketing). The team sees to it that your targets are achieved and IPG remains to be the employer. MIS therefore, assumes all the responsibilities and sees to it that the concerned staff member is followed-up and coached meticulously.



MIS takes over the customer contact process partly or completely. For this, it works at your site. It makes use of your software, your offices and so on. Seen IPG’s many years’ experience as largest independent contact center in Belgium, the MIS team gets your team in top-class form in no time. On top of that, MIS is in touch with the newest modifications in the contact center line of business and can therefore quickly anticipate the customer’s need in an ever-changing economical situation.