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Operational Models

When you decide to call upon our services, you have the choice between different options. The project can be carried out within one of our offices or at your premises. A combination of both solutions is also possible. To give you a concrete idea of how it works, let us introduce to you our Managed Insourcing Solutions, a method we use to manage projects at our customers’ premises.

Our Managed Insourcing Solutions team (MIS) offers customized “on site” solutions for your individual project. It starts by assessing your needs in order to offer you an appropriate solution.

MIS contains two different activities:


MIS assists your teams individually to reinforce the in-house customer service (mainly “Sales”, “Sales support” & Marketing) and to ensure that your targets are met. The MIS team members are employed by IPG which assumes all the responsibilities and guarantees the follow-up and the training of the concerned team members.


The MIS team takes over your customer contact process, whether partly or completely. To do so, the team will work at your premises, and will use your software, your offices, your infrastructure… Given IPG’s many years of experience as largest independent contact centre in Belgium, the MIS members will easily integrate your team and valorise its members. On top of this, MIS always remains informed about the latest developments in the contact centre industry and is therefore able to quickly anticipate the customer’s need within an ever-changing economic situation.

In the present economic context, Managed Insourcing Solutions are indispensable. This operational model allows to easily adjust the process and provides extra flexibility at a favourable price. In addition to our services provided by our motivated and well trained advisors and team coaches, our solution also gives you access to specific “sets of skills”.


As a challenger, we always make last minute decisions. From the first day, IPG helps us with smart and innovative solutions

Daan Hamoen, COO en Co-Founder Fiber Nederland