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IPG uses a specific business model focussed on the operational services. The Operations department consists of different business units. These business units are supported by auxiliary services such as Marketing & Sales, Legal Counsel, Finance & Administration, Business Support, Quality Control and Human Resources.

Each operational business unit is headed by a Client Director, who coaches an entire team of Operations Managers, Team Managers and Team Coaches. Every month, a Client Team meeting takes place which is also attended by the Key Account Manager, Financial Controller and HR Business Partner. During this meeting, the reporting is discussed and action points are listed and followed-up.

The advisors assigned to your project receive a custom built personal training and the quality of their work is subject to continuous monitoring. They work with a solid and state of the art telephone and ICT infrastructure.

Our values

IPG places her Customer-Principals as well as her end customers centre stage.


When entering into communication with your customers, our people always need to act proceeding from respect. Moreover, our people respect each oter.

We are good in what we do. Better still, we are convinced we are the best, and IPG wants to stay on top in the future.

Confidentiality, loyalty, environmental care,  courteous behavior in traffic… At IPG, responsible behaviour is one of the key values.