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IPG wins Best Human Assets Management Award


Brussels, May 27th 2015

IPG wins Best Human Assets Management Award of Belgian contact center federation with case on crowdsourcing with contact center advisors.

IPG proves investing in employee participation is profitable

Rapping contact center advisor defends the case in front of 200 managers

The Caviars are the yearly awards granted by a professional jury of to those projects that contribute significantly to lifting the sector to a higher level.

The Best Human Assets Management Caviar went to IPG with the project “Advisor Brain Box, the IPG Way of Working for employee participation”.



Every contact center advisor yearly speaks with 10.000 customers. No one knows the desires of the customer better than a contact center advisor. IPG developed an innovative crowdsourcing approach to find ideas to improve the products and services of our clients.

Contact center advisors usually do not have access to the client’s marketing manager or product managers. IPG invented a creative video format to package the ideas of the advisors and get them to the right management level by surprise video presentations.

Employee participation, a profitable investment

The professional jury highly esteemed the decision of IPG to make employee participation a standard component of the IPG Way of Working. Jury member Seth Maenen, researcher with Flanders Synergy : “This case well deserves the HR Caviar. IPG was able to prove with hard figures that investing in employee participation is a profitable decision.”

A standing ovation for rapping contact center advisor

In professional competitions, the cases are usually defended by C-level using PowerPoint. Since the subject of the IPG case was employee participation, our case was defended by a junior contact center advisor who summarized the case in a rap session of his own writing. The audience, 200 top managers of the contact center sector, treated the rapping contact center advisor to a standing ovation (amateur video footage on

Jac Vermeer, CEO IPG: “We’re in a people business, so we’re very proud to have won the Best Human Assets Management Caviar. This project is a win for 4 concerned parties:

  • The customer feels he’s helped by an advisor who is genuinely listening to his desires and translates them into innovative suggestions.
  • The client has an outsourcing partner that actively contributes to innovation and improvement
  • The employees realize they have an impactful job, they feel they get heard and they show an increasing level of employee satisfaction
  • Employees who participate, perform better. This leads to positive business results for IPG and an NPS score of 27, a remarkable figure in our sector”.



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