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IPG is a European contact center group with subsidiaries in Belgium, The Netherlands and Morocco.

IPG is an expert in managing customer interactions, including social media. IPG continuously wants to simplify and renew the dialogue between our clients and their customer relations, and this in the most effective and efficient way.

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  • Belgium

    On average, IPG manages to answer 87.5% of the calls within 20 seconds which is in one word: fantastic!

    Michel Odeurs, Maintenance Operations Manager at Kone

  • Belgium

    Choosing for IPG means an energetic collaboration for an excellent customer service

    Luc Bolsens, Head of Customer Contacts Department Infrax

  • Rabat, Morocco

    Flexibility and true partnership combined with high skilled people: a cocktail  for successful offshoring

    Annick Van Humbeeck, Manager French Excellence, Telenet

  • The Netherlands

    As a challenger, we always make last minute decisions. From the first day, IPG helps us with smart and innovative solutions

    Daan Hamoen, COO and Co-Founder Fiber The Netherlands

  • We are proud Inspiring People to Grow, with the support of ESF

    IPG is strongly committed to offering a good intake & thorough training and summarises this as: ‘We are proud Inspiring People to Grow’. In that

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  • IPG to lead call centre consortium for Contact Tracing

    The Flemish Government decided to assign the job of detecting and advising individuals who may have had a hazardous exposure to the COVID-19 virus through

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  • IPG is the first contact center in Belgium to receive the Top Employer certificate

    For the first time in Belgium a contact center has received the Top Employer certification. IPG Belgium is recognized for the steps it takes to

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  • IPG increases hold on Dutch market

    IPG is increasingly targeting the Dutch market. A change in the management team (with General Manager, Naci Eroglu; Sales Manager, Martijn Van Noort and Head

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IPG is looking for talent day after day. From their first day with us, new employees take part in the company culture and get all the chances to grow.


The IPG company values are far from empty concepts. Our values are lived every day and get to the very heart of the organization. From management to advisor, everybody contributes as a value-ambassador.

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